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Don't put up with nasty shocks any longer

Get the new type of shock absorber for your car and say goodbye to static shocks NOW.


Car Static Shock Protector - Car Zap Absorber

car static shock protector Zap Absorber Box Now there is a different kind of shock absorber for your car:

The Car Zap Absorber is an amazing new device, designed to protect you and your passengers from the all too common problem of painful static shocks from your car doors. (Also known as Electro Static Discharge or ESD).

The Zap Absorber can also protect you from potentially dangerous petrol station fires caused by static discharges.

Petrol Station security camera footage

Simple to use

A brief touch of the Car Zap Absorber and you are protected.
The Car Zap Absorber will quickly, but gently eliminate any build up of static electricity, allowing you to safely and confidently touch any part of your cars bodywork.

Fit Car Zap Absorber to your car handbrake and you are automatically protected.
Whenever you operate the handbrake, your Car Zap Absorber will gently remove any static charge built up allowing a shock free exit from your car.

Also protects your passengers! Fit your Car Zap Absorber to the top of your handbrake or other convenient location and your passengers have access to the same level of protection.

Made in the UK

Simple to fit in under 5 minutes

The Car Zap Absorber comes ready for quick fixing in three simple steps.
1. Remove the red backing tape and stick into position on the top or bottom of your handbrake lever.
2. Route the wire down the side of the center console keeping it tidy using the included wire straps.
3. Clip the spring clip on to the bare metal end of one of the front seat mounting bolts.


Special Conductive Polymer Strip

The Zap Absorbers simple design comprises of a Special Electrically Conductive Polymer Strip and a wire to connect to the vehicle body.
The electrical properties of the special polymer ensure that any static charges are gently drained away in a controlled manner, whilst its black satin surface finish with no branding information, allows it to blend in with the interior finish of most modern cars.

The picture on the right shows the Zap Absorber fitted to a Vauxhall Corsa handbrake lever.
Zap Absorber fitted on a Corsa Handbrake lever

It Really Works

There are no batteries to wear down or moving parts to wear out, so once its fitted it just keeps on working.

ARENRO GUARANTEE - If you are not completely satisfied with your Zap Absorber, return it to us for a full refund. (This does not affect your statutory rights)

Everything supplied

Zap Absorber comes ready made for quick installation, but should you desire a more professional job, all the connectors and
fixings are included.

The spring clip is screw fixed to allow the clip to be removed, the wire to be pushed behind console or dash trim and one of the included connectors used to connect to a convenient point on the car bodywork.

Fitting is simple, but just to make sure, FULL INSTRUCTIONS with diagrams are included.

Box contents

1 Self Adhesive Zap Absorber with 1 metre of wire and spring clip. (ready for quick fix)
1 female piggyback spade connector.
1 ring connector.
1 fork connector.
1 black wire tie.
2 self adhesive wire straps.

Don't put up with nasty shocks any longer

Get the new type of shock absorber for your car, a Zap Absorber, and say goodbye to static shocks NOW.


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