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Arenro is a small family run business, based in Barrowford, close to Pendle Hill in Lancashire, England.
We design, manufacture and sell the Zap Absorber range of static shock protection products.

The History of the Zap Absorber

Without my Wife, the Zap Absorber would probably never have been created. She is one of those people who seem to be naturally charged just about all the time.
Simply walking across a carpeted floor can cause a static shock when she touches the fridge or cooker.

But her main problem has always been static shocks off cars
Over the years she has tried everything, dangling earth straps, wearing cotton clothes, different clothes softeners, shutting doors with her feet, touching the door with a key, in fact anything anyone suggested she tried.

Finally she asked me to make something that would get rid of her static shock problem.

Searching for existing industrial solutions didn't reveal any ideal answers. The electronics industry solutions like an earthing wrist strap works well in a manufacturing environment but having a strap and wire attached to your wrist whilst driving is never really going to be ideal.

Experimentation with conductive bags, wires, glue, adhesive tape, solder and resistors led to a simple strip which, when fastened to the handbrake lever, gave my Wife complete protection from static shocks from her car.

After two years of shockless car use, I decided to try and make a more robust version of the design, which would reliably protect anybody who suffers from static shocks from their car.

The main problems with the original design were a tendency to tear with continued handling and peeling off on a sunny day. So a stronger touch surface and a much stronger and temperature tolerant adhesive were required.

It took over a year of searching and trying different specialist suppliers, materials and manufacturing methods before we finally found the ideal materials and methods.
The materials, together with the jigs, templates and manufacturing methods we now use enable us to produce consistent, durable, quality products which we now make and sell as the Zap Absorber.

We have also developed variations of the car Zap Absorber to provide protection when touching fridges, cookers, filing cabinets and just about any reasonably smooth or metallic surface.

My Wife still gets statically charged just as easily but can now avoid the painful shocks pretty much all the time, thanks to the Zap Absorber

We are so confident in the effectiveness of the Zap Absorber that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with your Zap Absorber for any reason, simply return it to us for a refund.


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